Repurposed Tennis Racket Photo Holder

I love to repurpose something old, worn down and ready to be thrown into the garbage! I am so *that* person who will totally ask if you're going to need those old {fill in the blanks}. What one sees as trash, I see as an opportunity for something unique and creative yet to be made! Maybe you're the same way?

Just like with this repurposed tennis racket. Even if you don't have and old tennis racquet lying around (maybe you're not a tennis family), you can pick these up at your local thrift store. However, if you *are* a tennis family, what better way to repurpose an old racket, and all the memories that come along with it, than with an easy DIY!

While I am calling this a photo holder, you can use this in so many different ways. It would be great to hang up notes of encouragement for your tennis player. Our athletes have so many things going on in their heads on game/competition day, so sending them off with a smile from a note can help pump them up for the game ahead!

You could also use this as a family message board. Any sports family knows full well that there are so many practices, games, meetings, etc to remember on a daily basis. This could absolutely help as a way to remember those busy daily schedules – we all need a reminder (or if you're like me, 5+, as I joke with friends).

Repurposed Tennis Racket Photo Holder Supplies

  • Old Racquet (you can use a tennis or badminton one which is smaller and lighter to hang)
    Spray paint in choice of color (we used hammered copper for a textured effect)
  • Mini Clothespins

Repurposed Tennis Racket Photo Holder Directions

  1. Apply two coats of spray paint to the racquet. Be sure you turn it over once the first side dries so you can provide complete coverage to the piece. Use spray paint over brush on paint, as it can get into all of the small grooves of the racquet easier and without a huge mess.
  2. Once the racket is dry, you can use mini clothespins to attach photos, ticket stubs, or memos. Mini clothespins work best, as regular sized ones don’t fit into the small squares like the mini ones do.
  3. Optional: If you wish, you can spray paint your clothespins prior to using. Use an alternate color or the same one you used for the racquet.

As soon as your display items are in place, your racquet is ready to be displayed. Just use a nail that sticks out a half inch or so that the racquet can be hung without any issues.

As you can see, there isn't much work that is required for this DIY! This sports mom likes to keep it simple when it comes to crafting!

How sweet would it be to give a tennis coach to thank them at the end of the season with hand-written notes from each player? You could even add this Tennis Coach Thank You Card to it. Or, as a gift for a senior (year) tennis player with pictures of some of the highlights of their high school tennis career.

I bet you have other ideas for using this repurposed tennis racket besides as a photo holder. Please leave a comment and share your ideas!

Free Tennis Coach Thank You Card Download